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How to distinguish between PET bottles and PVC bottles

There is almost no difference in appearance and feel between PET bottles and PVC bottles. Is there an easy way to identify the material?PET is a biodegradable plastic. With the advocacy of environmental protection from all walks of life, the usage is increasing. The use of food packaging bottles has

2021 08-09
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Under what circumstances does the PET plastic bottle blowing process have an excellent product?

Information summary: Many of the previous tweets introduced PET plastic raw materials. With suitable raw materials, what kind of technology and environment are needed to produce good products better?

2021 07-25
How much do you know about PET plastic bottles?

Recently, a famous online phrase “plastic sister flower” comes from the paragraph, “A good sister’s feelings are like plastic flowers, especially fake, but never wither.” It is often used to describe the intrigue between some girls, false and unreasonable. So what is actual plastic?PET plastic bott

2021 07-23
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How to test the tightness of PET plastic bottle caps

Many people worry that the sealing performance of pet plastic bottle caps will be terrible. If the goods are damaged during transportation, it will not be good. They have to admit that this is a problem. Various manufacturers have also carried out a series of these problems. Testing makes consumers

2021 08-03
Embracing Freshness and Nutrition: The Role of Plastic grinder Bottles in Seasonings

In modern life, we are increasingly focusing on the freshness and nutritional value of food. With the continuous improvement of cooking techniques, people have higher demands for the quality of seasonings. In this era of pursuing quality, plastic grinder bottles play an important role in the use of

2024 03-30
Exploration and Analysis of Juice Bottle Packaging Selection

In today's rapidly developing beverage market, the market demand for juice continues to grow as part of consumers' healthy dietary choices. The quality of juice not only depends on the raw materials and production process, the juice bottle also plays a vital role. The material of the juice bottle ha

2024 03-20